8 microhenry (µH), L-24 Fixed Inductor


Fixed inductor, ceramic form, 8 microhenry

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Fixed inductor, ceramic form, 8 microhenry

These inductors are 3/4 inch diameter, 22 turns, of silver-plated solid wire of .020 inch measured thickness (~24 guage). Wound over highest quality grooved ceramic form. Has mounting holes in both ends.

Grooves extend much further than this coil currently uses, if you wish to re-wind. Coil form also has several holes for wire pass-through in various locations, making this an excellent multi-use form. Coil currently has taps at 3, 5, and 11 turns. (Short lengths of Teflon hookup wire are left on for easy use if desired.)

  • Inductance measured at 8 microhenries.
  • Length 2 inches.

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Shipping Dimensions 1.70 × 3.15 × 3.15 in

8 microhenries