Jennings VC-75-30


glass fixed vacuum capacitor

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Rated Capacitance 75 pf
Peak Voltage 30 KV
Current Amps (RMS) Maximum 60 Amps
Important Dimensions
Max Length 6.58 in / 167.13 mm
Max Diameter 2.62 in / 66.55 mm
Weight 9.34 oz. / 264.79 g
FM0A flange needed for front and rear end mounting, shown in photo, but not included. (Available at additional cost). See our flange page: Vacuum Capacitor Flanges
Condition Removed from equipment, checked, and guaranteed
(Other variations of this capacitor are sometimes available, inquire)
VC-6 VC-12 VC-25
VC-50 VC-75 VC-100
VC 6 VC 12 VC 25
VC 50 VC 75 VC 100

Additional information

Weight 9.34 oz
Dimensions 8.62 x 8.62 x 12.58 in


Max Capacitance


30 KV

Current Rating

60 Amps



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