Jennings CVDD-150-0115


ceramic vacuum variable capacitor

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Rated Capacitance 10-150 pf
Peak Voltage 15 KV
Current Amps (RMS) Maximum 50 amps
Shaft Diameter 3/8 inch with ¼ inch OD tip
Turns for Full Travel Max 17
Important Dimensions
Max Length 6.62 in / 168.15 mm (including shaft)
Max Diameter 2.81 in / 71.40 mm
Weight 26.00 oz. / 737.09 g
Mounting 6x drilled and tapped holes for front end mounting and permanently mounted flange for rear end mounting
Condition Removed from equipment, checked, and guaranteed.
(Other variations of this capacitor are sometimes available, inquire)
CVDD-150 CVDD-150-7.5S CVDD-150-10S CVDD-150-15S
CVDD-150-0107 CVDD-150-0110 CVDD-150-0115
CVDDN-150 CVDDN-150-7.5S CVDDN-150-10S CVDDN-150-15S
CVDDN-150-0107 CVDDN-150-0110 CVDDN-150-0115

Additional information

Weight 26.00 oz
Dimensions 8.81 x 8.81 x 12.62 in


Minimum Capacitance

Maximum Capacitance


15 KV

Current Rating

50 Amps

Shaft Diameter

3/8" with ¼" OD tip