Hexbeam Replacement Spreader Kit


Kit Contains:

1x 1″ OD tube, 46.5 inches
1x 3/4″ OD tube, 46.5 inches
1x 1/2″ OD tube, 46.5 inches

All the fiberglass you need replace one spreader on your hexbeam antenna

Hexbeam replacement spreader kit for use with HEXKIT-2 and Hexbeam Antennas

Our newest version of our fiberglass tube replacement spreader kit follows the currently specified (ALTERNATE) cut lengths called for on Leo Shoemaker’s website, HERE.

Due to recent changes made by carriers (such as FedEx) in lengths which trigger greatly increased shipping costs, we have slightly reduced the lengths of these tubes from the originally specified 48 inches to a new, slightly shorter length of 46.5 inches. The assembled hexbeam spreader lengths need to remain unchanged, so this requires reducing the specified sleeving overlap between the sections by 1.5 inches over what it would be if using the originally specified 48 inch tubes.

The reduced overlap should still work fine, but to really “bulletproof” the sleeving junction point, we recommend using an additional stainless screw-type hose clamp positioned over the very end of the larger tube at each of the two sleeving junctions per spreader and snugly tightened. Cutting slits in the tubes is not necessary.

Leo Shoemaker’s original spreader design using 48 inch tubes required 2 “stop clamps” per spreader, to limit how far the smaller tubes could slip into the larger tubes.  The new 46.5” tube lengths still require the same two “stop clamps” he specified, PLUS two additional reinforcement clamps positioned over the very end of the larger tube at each of the two sleeving junctions per spreader. The required additional reinforcement clamps would be one #10 clamp and one #6 clamp PER SPREADER.  These sizes should fit over the 1” OD tube exterior and over the 3/4” OD tube exterior. We understand that Leo Shoemaker’s construction information site will also be referencing these changes for builders who are using the slightly shorter length tubes.

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Additional information

Shipping Weight 35.50 oz
Shipping Dimensions 46.50 × 0.89 × 0.89 in

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