Double Binding Posts to GR 874 (50 OHM & non-locking) General Radio Part #: 874-Q2


Binding Posts (Double Banana Jack) to GR 874 (50 OHM, non-locking)

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Double Binding Posts to GR-874

Double Binding Posts / Double Banana Jack to GR 874, 50 OHM impedance, non-locking GR-874 connectors. Sourced from military surplus lots.

General Radio Part #: 874-Q2

Double Binding Posts to GR 874 Adapter

GR-874 adapter 874-Q2 is one of over 2,000 available RF components from Max-Gain Systems, Inc. Our Double Binding Posts to GR-874 adapter is a between series coaxial adapter designed by General Radio Company. This 50 Ohm GR-874 adapter is precision manufactured for military and laboratory use.

This 874-Q2 adapter is one of the many RF components that ship within one business day as they are ordered. The 874-Q2 adapter has a straight body. This General Radio Company straight GR-874 coax adapter is an in-line RF adapter.

This Double Binding Posts to GR-874, 874-Q2 adapter, is from surplus sources and stock is extremely limited. These adapters are very rare and are when we run out of stock we do not have a way to get more.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 1.80 oz
Shipping Dimensions 2.21 × 1.58 × 0.82 in

General Radio

Connection Type


Connection Type 2

GR874, GR874 50 Ohm

Adapter Attribute

Between Series

Body Style



50 OHM


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