RP-TNC-male, cable end, crimp-on, nickel / Delrin for RG-8, RG-213, LMR-400, and Belden 9913 size coaxial cable. (P/N: 8900-400)


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RP-TNC-male, cable end, crimp-on, nickel / Delrin for RG-8, RG-11, RG-83, RG-213, RG-214, RG-393, LMR-400, Belden 8237, Belden 8267, Belden 8268, Belden 9011, and Belden 9913 coaxial cable.

Crimp termination for the following coax types:

  • RG-8
  • RG-11
  • RG-83
  • RG-213
  • RG-214
  • RG-393
  • LMR-400
  • Belden 8237
  • Belden 8267
  • Belden 8268
  • Belden 9011
  • Belden 9913


  • Nickel plated, brass body
  • Delrin dielectric
  • Gold plated pin


LMR-400 & RG-213 Interchangeable Die for standard ratcheting crimper tools P/N: 7505-DIE-400 - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.
7505-DIE-400LMR-400 & RG-213 Interchangeable Die for standard ratcheting crimper tools (.100″, .128″, & .429″ Hex Dies) Crimps most common two and three piece connectors that fit the following coax types and sizes: RG-8/U, RG-11, RG-83, RG-213/U, RG-214/U, LMR-400, and Belden 9913. Use the .429 Hex Die for crimping the rear ferrule to the following coax types: RG-8                   Belden 8237 Belden 8214   Belden 9913 RG-11                Belden 9011 RG-213              Belden 8267 RG-214              Belden 8268 LMR-400 RG-393              RG-83 For use in the 7505-HANDLE Crimp Tool Frame$14.95
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7505-DIE-TERMDie for ratcheting crimper for terminal lugs. Crimps terminal lugs from gauges 22 to 8. About Max-Gain Systems, Inc. Max-Gain Systems, Inc. carries a full line of in-series, between series, right angle, T-shaped, quick connect, handie-talkie (BLACK), pigtails (coaxial jumpers), etc… RF adapters. Our RF adapter lines are constantly expanding. We keep our RF connector and adapter lines in stock. We ship both retail and wholesale quantities. To become a dealer / wholesale user, contact us with your potential usage. Max-Gain Systems, Inc. is the number one supplier of fiberglass round hollow tube, square tube and round solid rod to …$14.95
7505-HANDLE Crimp Handle Set Frame ONLY Professional Ratcheting Crimp Tool - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.
7505-HandleProfessional Ratcheting Crimp Tool (Frame ONLY) handle set that accepts die sets with a maximum width (at the point of attachment) of 0.235″. THE Standard in ratcheting crimp tools. RATCHETING CRIMPER DESIGN: This crimper’s ratcheting action requires only a fraction of the strength and effort it takes to use a non-ratcheting crimper as it captures and restrains the applied force with each “click” of the ratchet. The crimp tool crimps the top and bottom of the item being crimped simultaneously which ensures crimps consistently make a cold weld between the wire and barrel of the connector, or braid and body …$29.95

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Shipping Weight 0.53 oz
Shipping Dimensions 1.21 × 0.51 × 0.51 in


Installation Method

Coax Type

Belden 8237, Belden 8267, Belden 8268, Belden 9011, Belden 9913, LMR-400, RG-8, RG-11, RG-83, RG-213, RG-214, RG-393


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