GR874 (50 OHM or 75 OHM) Crimp Connector for RG-8A and other 0.405 Inch OD Coax, General Radio Part #: 874-C8A


Cable End Connectors (50-OHM or 75-OHM)

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For 50-OHM cable including RG-8A/U, RG-9B/U, RG-10A/U, RG-87A/U, RG-116/U series, RG-156/U, RG-165/U, RG-166/U, RG-213/U, RG-214/U, RG-215/U, RG-225/U, & RG-227/U and non-50-OHM cable including RG-11A/U, RG-12A/U, RG-13A/U, RG-638/U, RG-79B/U series, RG-89/U, RG-144/U, RG-146/U, RG-149/U, & RG-216/U. Non-locking GR-874 connector. Sourced from military surplus lots.

General Radio Part #: 874-C8A

Additional information

Shipping Weight 1.4 oz
Shipping Dimensions 5.13 × 3 × 0.9 in

General Radio

Connection Type

, ,

Termination Type


Coax Type

, , ,


Asexual, Hermaphroditic, Sexless

Mount Method


Attachment Method

Connector Attribute

Body Style


50 OHM, 75 OHM


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