1400 pf, 3 KV Peak, Jennings CSV4-1400-0203


Capacitance 8-1400 pf (extremely WIDE range)
Voltage Rating 3 KV
Current Rating 45 Amps RMS

The capacitor is a Ceramic, VARIABLE capacitance, vacuum capacitor. 8-1400 pf (extremely WIDE range) capacitance rated at 3 KV peak voltage. These units are removed from equipment, checked, and guaranteed.

CSV4 Series

11 in stock

Jennings CSV4-1400-0203 ceramic, vacuum, variable capacitor

Rated Capacitance 8-1400 pf (extremely WIDE range)
Peak Voltage 3 KV
Current Amps (RMS) Maximum 45 Amps
Shaft Diameter 1/4 inch
Turns for Full Travel Max 24
Important Dimensions
Max Length 5.55 in / 141.00 mm (including shaft)
Max Diameter 2.31 in / 58.83.00 mm
Weight 22.6 oz. / 642 g
4 drilled holes on permanently mounted flange for front end mounting and 1 drilled and tapped hole for rear end mounting
Condition Removed from equipment, checked and guaranteed

Spec Sheet

(Other variations of this capacitor are sometimes available, inquire)
CSV4-1400-0203 CSV4-1400 CSV4-1400-0003
(Comet equivalents)
CSV4-1400-0203 CSV4-1400 CSV4-1400-0003
CV03C-1400 CV03C-1400E CVZV-1400AC/3-BEA
CV03C-1400G CVZV-1400AC/3-BEA-1 CV03C-1400F
CVZV-1400AC/3-DEFE CV03C-1400EO CVZV-1400AC/3-EKA


“Out of spec” and “budget” capacitors:  If you want the quality and performance of vacuum capacitors, but the budget just won’t allow it, (or if you are just looking to save some money) we frequently have “out of spec” capacitors. These capacitors do not meet the specifications for the particular model. This can happen because of many reasons, but they are still perfectly usable in other capacitance ranges or maximum voltages. For instance, we might have a type that is listed at 15 kv, but tests good to 12 kv.  In this case, we will not sell it to a user who needs 15 kv ratings, but if you need only 5 kv, 7.5 kv, or 10 kv, this capacitor would do nicely.  If you want us to check our “out of spec” shelves for current stock, just tell us your capacitance range and voltage requirements (and current rating if you know it… or approximate power level) and we will let you know what we have available at steep discounts!

“SCRATCH AND DENT” We also frequently have in stock many vacuum capacitors which have cosmetic blemishes such as dents, which would not meet our high standards for regular sale, but which still check good, both in range, and in their ability to withstand voltage.

Some dents will damage or totally destroy a capacitor. Others, if they occur in just the right places, cause no harm at all. We have the knowledge and test capability to make these determinations, and if they pass our stringent testing, sell these units at discounted prices with our regular guarantee! If interested in these units, please inquire as to current availability.

If you don’t see what you wanted: These pages show only a fraction of the stock we have available. We have many thousands of vacuum capacitors, both fixed and variable, as well as vacuum relays. This stock changes daily. If you have requirements for items not listed in these product lines, please Email, and our knowledgeable staff will search our inventory. (Don’t forget to give us your email address and contact information!)

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Basic-Con Series, Basic-Con, Comet CV05W-2000SEN/5, CVMI-2000AC15, C/UCSXF-1500-12S, C/UCSXF-2000-12S, CAV2-1500, CAV2-1500, CAV2-1500-0025, CAV2-1500-0030, CAV2-1500-0035, CAV2-1500-0035, CAV2-1500-25, CAV2-1500-25S, CAV2-1500-30, CAV2-1500-30S, CAV2-1500-35, CAV2-1500-35S, CAV2-2000, CAV2-2000-0025, CAV2-2000-0030, CAV2-2000-0035, CAV2-2000-0335, CAV2-5000-0110, CMV1-4000, CMV1-4000-005, CMV1-4000-5, CMV1-4000-5S, CMV2-2000, CMV2-2000-5, CMV2-2000-5S, CMV-4000-0005, Comet CV03C-1400E, Comet CV03C-1400EO, Comet CV03C-1400F, Comet CV03C-1400G, Comet CV03C-1400H, Comet CV03C-1400H/3, Comet CV03C-1400HN, Comet CV03C-1400HN/3, Comet CV03C-1500 UC, Comet CV03C-1500 UC/4, Comet CV03C-1500UCG, Comet CV03C-1500UCG/4, Comet CV03C-1500UCP, Comet CV03C-1500UCP/4, Comet CV05C-1200G, Comet CV05C-1500EW, Comet CV05C-1500EW/5, Comet CV05C-1500FW, Comet CV05C-1500FW/5, Comet CV05C-1500H, Comet CV05C-1500JW, Comet CV05C-1500JW/5, Comet CV05C-1500JWB, Comet CV05C-1500JWB/5, Comet CV05C-1500K, Comet CV05C-1500L, Comet CV05C-1500L/5, Comet CV05C-1500LO, Comet CV05C-1500LO/5, Comet CV05C-1500N, Comet CV05C-1500PMN, Comet CV05C-1500PMN/5, Comet CV05C-1500PN, Comet CV05C-1500PN/5, Comet CV05C-2000EW, Comet CV05C-2000EW/5, Comet CV05C-2000G, Comet CV05C-2000JW, Comet CV05C-2000JW/5, Comet CV05C-2000L, Comet CV05C-2000M, Comet CV05C-2000M/5, Comet CV05C-2000MIH/5, Comet CV05C-2000MN, Comet CV05C-2000MN/5, Comet CV05C-2000N, Comet CV05C-2000N/5, Comet CV05C-2000P, Comet CV05C-2000P/5, Comet CV05C-2000R, Comet CV05C-2000R/5, Comet CV05C-2000RN, Comet CV05C-2000RN/5, Comet CV05C-2000S, Comet CV05C-2000S/5, Comet CV05C-2000SA, Comet CV05C-2000SA/5, Comet CV05C-2000SEN, Comet CV05C-2000SEN/5, Comet CV05C-2000SIH, Comet CV05C-2000SIH/5, Comet CV05C-2000SIHN, Comet CV05C-2000SIHN/5, Comet CV05C-2000SN, Comet CV05C-2000SN/5, Comet CV05C-2000T/5, Comet CV05C-2000TKN, Comet CV05C-2000TKN/5, Comet CV05C-2000TN, Comet CV05C-2000TN/5, Comet CV05C-2000VN, Comet CV05C-2000VN/5, Comet CV05C-2000W, Comet CV05C-2000X, Comet CV05C-3000GW, Comet CV05C-3000GWB, Comet CV05C-3000GWN, Comet CV05C-3000HW, Comet CV05C-3000J, Comet CV05C-3000K, Comet CV05C-3000L, Comet CV05C-3000N, Comet CV05C-4000E, Comet CV05C-4000G, Comet CV05W-1500EW, Comet CV05W-1500FN, Comet CV05W-1500FN/5, Comet CV05W-1500K, Comet CV05W-1500PN, Comet CV05W-2000E, Comet CV05W-2000E/5, Comet CV05W-2000FN, Comet CV05W-2000GN, Comet CV05W-2000P, Comet CV05W-2000S, Comet CV05W-2000S/5, Comet CV1A-1500ES, Comet CV1A-3000E, Comet CV1A-3000ESB, Comet CV1A-5000E, Comet CV1A-5000F, Comet CV1C-1500EW, Comet CV1C-1500EWB, Comet CV1C-1500FW, Comet CV1C-1500GW, Comet CV1C-1500HW, Comet CV1C-1500J, Comet CV1C-1500L, Comet CV1C-1500M, Comet CV1C-1500N, Comet CV1C-1500P, Comet CV1C-1500R, Comet CV1C-1500V, Comet CV1C-2000EW, Comet CV1C-2000EWB, Comet CV1C-2000FW, Comet CV1C-2000G, Comet CV1C-2000V, Comet CV1C-2300/EW, Comet CV1C-2300/EWL, Comet CV1C-2300/FW, Comet CV1C-2300/GW, Comet CV1C-2300/HW, Comet CV1C-2300/J, Comet CV1C-2300/KW, Comet CV1C-2300/LW, Comet CV1C-2300/M, Comet CV1C-2300/MN, Comet CV1C-2300/NW, Comet CV1C-2300/P, Comet CV1C-2300/R, Comet CV1C-23000/EWB, Comet CV1C-2300EW, Comet CV1C-2300EW/15, Comet CV1C-2300EWB, Comet CV1C-2300EWL, Comet CV1C-2300FW, Comet CV1C-2300GW, Comet CV1C-2300HW, Comet CV1C-2300J, Comet CV1C-2300KW, Comet CV1C-2300LW, Comet CV1C-2300M, Comet CV1C-2300MN, Comet CV1C-2300NW, Comet CV1C-2300P, Comet CV1C-2300R, Comet CV1C-2600E, Comet CV1C-3000EB, Comet CV1W-1500E, Comet CV1W-1500F, Comet CV1W-2300E, Comet CV1W-2800EB, Comet CV1W-4100EB, Comet CV1W-5400EB, Comet CV1W-6600EB, Comet CV2A-1500E, Comet CV2A-1500ES, Comet CV2A-1500ESB, Comet CV2A-1500EST, Comet CV2A-1500FS, Comet CV2A-1500FSB, Comet CV2A-1500G, Comet CV2A-2000E, Comet CV2A-2000ES, Comet CV2A-2000ESB, Comet CV2A-2000F, Comet CV2A-2000GS, Comet CV2C-1250E, Comet CV2C-1500E, Comet CV2C-1500E/40, Comet CV2C-1500EB, Comet CV2C-1500F, Comet CV2C-2000E, Comet CV2C-2000EB, Comet CV2C-2000F, Comet CV2C-2400EB, Comet CV2W-1200E, Comet CV2W-1200F, Comet CV2W-1200G, Comet CV2W-1200H, Comet CV3A-1600ES, Comet CV3C-1600E, Comet CV3W-1260FB, Comet CV3W-1300E, Comet CV3W-1300EB, Comet CV3W-1300F, Comet CV3W-1300FB, Comet CV3W-1300FBM, Comet CV3W-1300FT, Comet CV3W-1560EB, Comet CV3W-1600E, Comet CV3W-1600EB, Comet CV3W-1600F, Comet CV3W-1600H, Comet CV3W-2600E, Comet CV4W-1600E, Comet CV4W-1600F, Comet CV4W-1600G, Comet CV4W-1600H, Comet CV4W-2050E, Comet CVBA-1400A, Comet CVBA-1400A-3, Comet CVBA-1400AC/3-BEAA-L, Comet CVBA-1400AC/3-BEA-L, Comet CVDU-1200A, Comet CVDU-1200A-5, Comet CVDU-1200AC/3-CGD, Comet CVDU-1200AC/5-CGD, Comet CVHA-1600A, Comet CVHA-1600A-60, Comet CVHA-1600AW/60-ABG-N, Comet CVHA-1600AW/60-ADG-N, Comet CVHA-1600AW/60-ZGP-N, Comet CVHA-1600AW/60-ZJP-NR, Comet CVHA-2050A, Comet CVHA-2050A-50, Comet CVHA-2050AW/50-AAG-N, Comet CVHA-2600A, Comet CVHA-2600A-40, Comet CVHA-2600AW/40-ABG-N, Comet CVHA-4100AW/17-AAB, Comet CVHA-5400AW/19-ABB-F, Comet CVHA-6600AW/14-ABB, 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CVZV-1500AC/5-AAA, Comet CVZV-1500BC/15-CTPJ, Comet CVZV-1500CC/20-AAB-F, Comet CVZV-1500DC/5-CTPJ, Comet CVZV-2000AC/5-CTPJ-L, Comet CVZV-2000BC/5-BAA, Comet CVZV-2000CC/5-AAC-GM, Comet CVZV-2000DC/20-AAR, Comet CVZV-2000DC/20-AAR-A, Comet CVZV-2000DC/20-ABR, Comet CVZV-2000EC/5-JAK-U, Comet CVZV-2000FC/5-CAK-U, Comet CVZV-2000FC/5-JAK-U, Comet CVZV-2000FC/5-NJPJ-HU, Comet CVZV-2400AC/32-ABG, Comet CVZV-2500AC/5-AMA-M, Comet CVZV-2500BC/5-AMA-M, Comet CVZV-2750AC/5-BAAJ-M, Comet CVZV-2800AW/20-ABB-F, Comet CVZV-3000AA/10-ABG, Comet CVZV-3000AA/10-ABG-P, Comet CVZV-3000AC/10-ABG, Comet CVZV-3000BC/5-BED, Comet CVZV-3000CC/5-AGC-HL, Comet CVZV-3000CC/5-AGZ-M, Comet CVZV-3000DC/5-BCD, Comet CVZV-4000AC/5-BAF-U, Comet CVZV-4000AC/5-FRF-U, Comet CVZV-4000AC/5-GAF-U, Comet CVZV-5000AA/10-AAB, Comet CVZV-5000AA/10-ZZP, CSV4-1400-0003, CSV4-1400-0203, CV03C-1400E, CV03C-1400EO, CV03C-1400F, CV03C-1400G, CV03C-1400H, CV03C-1400H/3, CV03C-1400HN, CV03C-1400HN/3, CV03C-1500 UC, CV03C-1500 UC/4, CV03C-1500UC, CV03C-1500UCG, CV03C-1500UCG/4, CV03C-1500UCP, CV03C-1500UCP/4, CV05C-1200G, CV05C-1500EW, CV05C-1500EW/5, CV05C-1500FW, CV05C-1500FW/5, CV05C-1500H, CV05C-1500JW, CV05C-1500JW/5, CV05C-1500JWB, CV05C-1500JWB/5, CV05C-1500K, CV05C-1500L, CV05C-1500L/5, CV05C-1500LO, CV05C-1500LO/5, CV05C-1500N, CV05C-1500PMN, CV05C-1500PMN/5, CV05C-1500PN, CV05C-1500PN/5, CV05C-2000EW, CV05C-2000EW/5, CV05C-2000F, CV05C-2000G, CV05C-2000JW, CV05C-2000JW/5, CV05C-2000L, CV05C-2000M, CV05C-2000M/5, CV05C-2000MIH/5, CV05C-2000MN, CV05C-2000MN/5, CV05C-2000N, CV05C-2000N/5, CV05C-2000P, CV05C-2000P/5, CV05C-2000R, CV05C-2000R/5, CV05C-2000RN, CV05C-2000RN/5, CV05C-2000S, CV05C-2000S/5, CV05C-2000SA, CV05C-2000SA/5, CV05C-2000SEN, CV05C-2000SEN/5, CV05C-2000SIH, CV05C-2000SIH/5, CV05C-2000SIHN, CV05C-2000SIHN/5, CV05C-2000SN, CV05C-2000SN/5, CV05C-2000T/5, CV05C-2000TKN, CV05C-2000TKN/5, CV05C-2000TN, CV05C-2000TN/5, CV05C-2000VN, CV05C-2000VN/5, CV05C-2000W, CV05C-2000X, CV05C-2750E, CV05C-3000GW, CV05C-3000GWB, CV05C-3000GWN, CV05C-3000HW, CV05C-3000J, CV05C-3000K, CV05C-3000L, CV05C-3000N, CV05C-4000E, CV05C-4000G, CV05W-1500EW, CV05W-1500FN, CV05W-1500FN/5, CV05W-1500K, CV05W-1500PN, CV05W-2000E, CV05W-2000E/5, CV05W-2000FN, CV05W-2000FN/5, CV05W-2000GN, CV05W-2000P, CV05W-2000S, CV05W-2000S/5, CV1A-1500ES, CV1A-3000E, CV1A-3000ESB, CV1A-5000E, CV1A-5000F, CV1C-1500EW, CV1C-1500EWB, CV1C-1500FW, CV1C-1500GW, CV1C-1500HW, CV1C-1500J, CV1C-1500L, CV1C-1500M, CV1C-1500N, CV1C-1500P, CV1C-1500R, CV1C-1500V, CV1C-2000EW, CV1C-2000EWB, CV1C-2000FW, CV1C-2000G, CV1C-2000V, CV1C-2300/EW, CV1C-2300/EWL, CV1C-2300/FW, CV1C-2300/GW, CV1C-2300/HW, CV1C-2300/J, CV1C-2300/KW, CV1C-2300/LW, CV1C-2300/M, CV1C-2300/MN, CV1C-2300/NW, CV1C-2300/P, CV1C-2300/R, CV1C-23000/EWB, CV1C-2300EW, CV1C-2300EW/15, CV1C-2300EWB, CV1C-2300EWL, CV1C-2300FW, CV1C-2300-FW, CV1C-2300GW, CV1C-2300HW, CV1C-2300J, CV1C-2300KW, CV1C-2300LW, CV1C-2300M, CV1C-2300MN, CV1C-2300NW, CV1C-2300P, CV1C-2300R, CV1C-2600E, CV1C-3000EB, CV1W-1500E, CV1W-1500F, CV1W-2300E, CV1W-2800EB, CV1W-4100EB, CV1W-5400EB, CV1W-6600EBCV2A-1500E, CV2A-1500ES, CV2A-1500ESB, CV2A-1500EST, CV2A-1500FS, CV2A-1500FSB, CV2A-1500G, CV2A-2000E, CV2A-2000ES, CV2A-2000ESB, CV2A-2000F, CV2A-2000GS, CV2C-1250E, CV2C-1500E, CV2C-1500E/40, CV2C-1500EB, CV2C-1500F, CV2C-2000E, CV2C-2000EB, CV2C-2000F, CV2C-2400EB, CV2W-1200E, CV2W-1200F,CV2W-1200G, CV2W-1200H, CV3A-1600ES, CV3C-1600E, CV3W-1260FB, CV3W-1300E, CV3W-1300EB, CV3W-1300F, CV3W-1300FB, CV3W-1300FBM, CV3W-1300FT, CV3W-1560EB, CV3W-1600E, CV3W-1600EB, CV3W-1600F, CV3W-1600H, CV3W-2600E, CV4W-1600E, CV4W-1600F, CV4W-1600G, CV4W-1600H, CV4W-2050E, CVBA-1400A, CVBA-1400A-3, CVBA-1400AC/3-BEAA-L, CVBA-1400AC/3-BEA-L, CVBA-1400AC/4-BEA-L, CVCD-1500, CVCD-1500-3, CVCD-1500-3S, CVCD-1500-5, CVCD-1500-5S, CVCD-2000, CVCD-2000-2S, CVCD-2000-3, CVCD-2000-3S, CVCD-2000-5, CVCD-2000-5S, CVCD-3000, CVCD-3000-3, CVCD-3000-3S, CVCD-3000-5, CVCD-3000-5D2376, CVCD-3000-5S, CVCJ-1500-0005, CVDB-1500-10S, CVDB-1500-15N225, CVDB-1500-15S, CVDB-1500-7.5S, CVDP-1500, CVDP-1500-10, CVDP-1500-10S, CVDP-1500-15, CVDP-1500-15S, CVDP-1500-7.5, CVDP-1500-7.5S, CVDP-2300, CVDP-2300-10, CVDP-2300-100-1865, CVDP-2300-10S, CVDP-2300-12D2074, CVDP-2300-15, CVDP-2300-15S, CVDP-2300-7.5, CVDP-2300-7.5S, CVDU-1200A, CVDU-1200A-5, CVDU-1200AC/3-CGD, CVDU-1200AC/5-GCD, CVEC-4000-10N764, CVEC-4000-10S, CVED-5000, CVED-5000-10, CVED-5000-10S, CVED-5000-15, CVED-5000-15S, CVED-5000-7.5, CVED-5000-7.5S, CVEP-1500, CVEP-1500-10, CVEP-1500-10S, CVEP-1500-15, CVEP-1500-15S,CVEP-1500-20, CVEP-1500-20N789, CVEP-1500-20S, CVEP-1500-7.5S, CVEP-2000, CVEP-2000-10, CVEP-2000-10S, CVEP-2000-15, CVEP-2000-15S, CVEP-2000-20, CVEP-2000-20S, CVEP-2000-7.5S, CVFM-1500-30S, CVFM-1500-35S, CVFM-1500-40S, CVFP-1500, CVFP-1500-30, CVFP-1500-30S, CVFP-1500-35, CVFP-1500-35S, CVFP-1500-40D2975, CVFP-1500-40S, CVFP-1500-40SC, CVFP-2000,CVFP-2000-25, CVFP-2000-25S, CVFP-2000-30, CVFP-2000-30S, CVFP-2000-35, CVFP-2000-35S,CVFW-1200, CVHA-1600A, CVHA-1600A-60, CVHA-1600AW/60-ABG-N, CVHA-1600AW/60-ADG-N, CVHA-1600AW/60-ZGP-N, CVHA-1600AW/60-ZJP-NR, CVHA-2050A, CVHA-2050A-50, CVHA-2050AW/50-AAG-N, CVHA-2050AW/50-ABG-N, CVHA-2600A, CVHA-2600A-40, CVHA-2600AW/40-ABG-N, CVHA-4100AW/17-AAB, CVHA-5400AW/19-ABB-F, CVHA-6600AW/14-ABB, CVHB-1600-40S, CVHC-1200, CVHC-1200-45, CVHC-1200-45S, CVHC-1600, CVHC-1600-30, CVHC-1600-30S, CVHC-1600-35, CVHC-1600-35S, CVHC-1600-40, CVHC-1600-40A, CVHC-1600-40S, CVHI-2500AW/15-ADUB, CVHI-2500AW/15-ADUD, CVLA-1260A, CVLA-1260A-50, CVLA-1260AW/50-ABE-NT,CVLA-1300A, CVLA-1300A-50, CVLA-1300AW/50-ABE-FNR, CVLA-1300AW/50-ABE-HN, CVLA-1300AW/50-ABE-HNR, CVLA-1300AW/50-ABG-N, CVLA-1300AW/50-ABG-NR, CVLA-1300BW/50-ABE-HNT, CVLA-1300C, CVLA-1300C-50, CVLA-1300CW/50-ABE-HJN, CVLA-1560A, CVLA-1560A-40, CVLA-1560AW/40-ABE-NT, CVLA-1600AC/40-AAE, CVLA-1600B, CVLA-1600B-40, CVLA-1600BW/40-AAE-HN, CVLA-1600BW/40-AAE-HNR, CVLA-1600BW/40-ABE-HN, CVLA-1600BW/40-ABE-HNR, CVLA-1600C, CVLA-1600C-40, CVLA-1600CW/40-ABE-HJN, CVLA-1600D, CVLA-1600D-40, CVLA-2000A, CVLA-2000A-35, CVLA-2000AA/35-AAB, CVLA-2000AA/35-AAB-P, CVLA-2000AA/35-ABB-P, CVLA-2000AA/35-ZZP-E, CVLA-2000AC/35-AAB, CVLA-2000AC/35-AAB-F, CVLA-2000AC/35-ABB, CVLA-2000B, CVLA-2000B-35, CVLA-2000BA/35-AAM-PT, CVMA-1200A, CVMA-1200A-40, CVMA-1200AW/40-AAB, CVMA-1200AW/40-AABH, CVMA-1200AW/40-AAE, CVMA-1200AW/40-AGP-F, CVMA-1200BW/40-AGP-F, CVMA-1250AC/40-ABB, CVMA-1500A, CVMA-1500A-40, CVMA-1500AA/35-AAB, CVMA-1500AA/35-AAB-HP, CVMA-1500AA/35-AAB-P, CVMA-1500AA/35-ABB-P, CVMA-1500AA/35-ABE, CVMA-1500AC/40-AAB,CVMA-1500AC/40-AAB, CVMA-1500AC/40-ABB, CVMA-1500AC/40-ADM, CVMA-1500B, CVMA-1500B-35, CVMA-1500BA/35-AAB-JP, CVMA-1500BA/35-ABB-JP, CVMA-1500C, CVMA-1500C-40, CVMA-1500CW/40-AAB-R, CVMI-1500A, CVMI-1500A-5, CVMI-1500AC/5-AAC-M,CVMI-1500AC/5-BCC-M, CVMI-1500AC/5-BGP-M, CVMI-1500AC/5-EKCA-M, CVMI-1500AC/5-EKC-M, CVMI-1500AW/5-AAC-M, CVMI-1500BC/5-AAC-M, CVMI-1500BC/5-ABC-M, CVMI-2000A, CVMI-2000A-5, CVMI-2000AC/5-AACA-L, CVMI-2000AC/5-AAC-L, CVMI-2000AC/5-BECA-CL, CVMI-2000AC/5-BEDA-BL, CVMI-2000AC/5-BEDA-CL, CVMI-2000AC/5-BEDA-L, CVMI-2000AC/5-BEDA-L1, CVMI-2000AC/5-BED-BL, CVMI-2000AC/5-BED-L, CVMI-2000AC/5-BEF-L, CVMI-2000AW/5-BEDE-L, CVMI-2000B, CVMI-2000B-5, CVMI-2000BC/5-AAC-M, CVMI-2000BC/5-ANC-M, CVMI-2000CC/5-AAC-M, CVMN-2000A, CVMN-2000A-5,CVMN-2000AC/5-ACA, CVMN-2000AC/5-ACAA, CVMN-2000AW/5-CCD, CVMX-1500AC/8-BEAA, CVMX-1500AC/8-BEAC, CVMX-1500BW/8-BEAA-AJ, CVMX-1500BW/8-BEAA-J, CVMX-1500BW/8-BEAA-J1, CVMX-1500BW/8-BEAC-J, CVMX-1500BW/8-BEAC-J1, CVMX-1500BW/8-BEUA-J, CVMX-2000AC/8-BEAA, CVMX-2000AC/8-BEAA-1, CVMX-2000AC/8-BEAC, CVMX-2000BC/8-BEAC-J, CVMX-2000BW/8-AAAA-AJ, CVMX-2000BW/8-AAAC-AJ, CVNA-3000A, CVNA-3000A-5, CVNA-3000AC/5-AAD, CVNA-3000AC/5-AADA, CVNA-3000AC/5-ABD, CVNA-3000AC/5-BAZH-F, CVO5C-1500N, CVPO-1500A, CVPO-1500A-5, CVPO-1500AW/5-BEAA-L, CVPO-1500AW/5-BECA-L, CVPO-1500AW/5-BECB-L, CVPO-1500AW/5-BECL-L, CVPO-1500B, CVPO-1500B-5, CVPO-1500BC/5-BEAC, CVPO-1500BC/5-BECA, CVPO-1500BC/5-BECA-1, CVPO-1500BC/5-BECB, CVPO-1500BC/5-BECB-1, CVPO-1500BW/5-AACA-A, CVPO-1500BW/5-BECA, CVPO-1500BW/5-BECB, CVPO-2000A, CVPO-2000A-5, CVPO-2000AC/5-BUCA, CVPO-2000AW/5-AACA-A, CVPO-2000AW/5-BECA, CVPO-2000B, CVPO-2000B-5, CVPO-2000-BC/5, CVPO-2000BC/5-BECA-HL, CVPO-2000BC/5-BECA-L, CVPO-2000BC/5-BECB-L, CVPO-2000BC/5-BEC-L, CVPO-2000BW/5-BECA-L, CVPO-2000BW/5-BECB-L, CVPO-2000BW/5-BEC-L, CVPO-2000BW/5-BECL-L, CVPS-1500BC/5-BACL, CVSA-1500A, CVSA-1500A-15, CVSA-1500AC/15-AAB, CVSA-1500AC/15-AAB-1, CVSA-1500AC/15-ABB, CVSA-1500AC/15-ZJP, CVSA-1500BC/15-HKC, CVSA-1500BC/15-HKQ, CVSA-1500C, CVSA-1500C-15, CVSA-1500CC/15-AAB-J, CVSA-1500D, CVSA-1500D-15, CVSA-1500DC/15-AAB, CVSA-1500EA/15-AAB-P, CVSA-1500EC/15-AAB-J, CVSA-1500EW/15-AAB, CVSA-1500EW/15-AABG, CVSA-2000A, CVSA-2000A-15, CVSA-2000AC/15-AAB, CVSA-2000AC/15-AABH-M, CVSA-2000AC/15-ABB, CVSA-2300A, CVSA-2300A-15, CVSA-2300AC/15-AAB, CVSA-2300AC/15-AAB, CVSA-2300AC/15-AAB, CVSA-2300-AC/15-AAB, CVSA-2300AC/15-AAB-1, CVSA-2300AC/15-AAB-A, CVSA-2300AC/15-ABB, CVSA-2300AC/15-ABB-H, CVSA-2300AC/15-ADB, CVSA-2300AC/15-ADBA, CVSA-2300AC/15-AJB, CVSA-2300AC/15-BEUA, CVSA-2300AC/15-FABH, CVSA-2300AC/15-ZJP, CVSA-2300AC/15-ZZP, CVSA-2300AW/15-AAB-R, CVSA-2300BC/15-HKC, CVSA-2300BC/15-HKCH, CVSA-2300BC/15-HKQ, CVSA-2300CC/15-HKQ, CVSA-2600AC/15-AAB, CVSU-2500AW/20-ADUD, CVUN-1500A, CVUN-1500A-3, CVUN-1500AC/3-BAJA, CVUN-1500AC/3-BEJA-Z, CVUN-1500AC/3-BEKA, CVUN-1500AC/3-CGJA, CVUN-1500AC/3-CSP, CVUN-1500AC/3-JHJA-Z, CVUN-1500AC/4-BAJA, CVUN-1500AC/4-BAJL, CVUN-1500AC/4-BEAA, CVUN-1500AC/4-BEJA-Z, CVUN-1500BC/7-BAJL, CVUN-1500BC/7-BEAA, CVUN-2000A, CVUN-2000A-3, CVUN-2000AC/3-BAJA, CVUN-2000AC/3-BAJL, CVUS-1500AC/3-BEJK, CVUS-1500AC/3-JHJK, CVVI-1500A, CVVI-1500A-5, CVVI-1500AC/5-ACD-M, CVVI-1500B, CVVI-1500B-5, CVVI-1500BC/5-EKA-M, CVXC-1600C, CVXC-1600C-3, CVXC-1600CC/3, CVZV-1200AC/5-KFK, CVZV-1400AC/3-BEA, CVZV-1400AC/3-BEA-1, CVZV-1400AC/3-DEFE, CVZV-1400AC/3-EKA, CVZV-1500AC/5-AAA, CVZV-1500BC/15-CTPJ, CVZV-1500CC/20-AAB-F, CVZV-1500DC/5-CTPJ, CVZV-2000AC/5-CTPJ-L, CVZV-2000BC/5-BAA, CVZV-2000CC/5-AAC-GM, CVZV-2000DC/20-AAR, CVZV-2000DC/20-AAR-A, CVZV-2000DC/20-ABR, CVZV-2000EC/5-JAK-U, CVZV-2000FC/5-CAK-U, CVZV-2000FC/5-JAK-U, CVZV-2000FC/5-NJPJ-HU, CVZV-2400AC/32-ABG, CVZV-2500AC/5-AMA-M, CVZV-2500BC/5-AMA-M, CVZV-2750AC/5-BAAJ-M, CVZV-2800AW/20-ABB-F, CVZV-3000AA/10-ABG, CVZV-3000AA/10-ABG-P, CVZV-3000AC/10-ABG, CVZV-3000BC/5-BED, CVZV-3000CC/5-AGC-HL, CVZV-3000CC/5-AGZ-M, CVZV-3000DC/5-BCD, CVZV-4000AC/5-BAF-U, CVZV-4000AC/5-FRF-U, CVZV-4000AC/5-GAF-U, CVZV-5000AA/10-AAB, CVZV-5000AA/10-ZZP, CWV1-1600, CWV1-1600-0055, CWV1-1600-0060, CWV1-1600-0065, CWV1-1600-55, CWV1-1600-55S, CWV1-1600-60, CWV1-1600-60S, CWV1-2600, CWV1-2600-30, CWV1-2600-30S, CWV1-2600-35, CWV1-2600-35S, CWV1-2600-40, CWV1-2600-40S, CWV2-1600, CWV2-1600-0030, CWV2-1600-0035, CWV2-1600-0040, CWV2-1600-30, CWV2-1600-30S, CWV2-1600-35, CWV2-1600-35S, CWV2-1600-40, CWV2-1600-40S, CWV3-1600-0135, CWV3-1600-0140, CWV4-1600-0050, CWV4-1600-0055, CWV4-1600-0060, CWV4-2050-0040, CWV4-2050-0045, CWV4-2050-0050, CWV5-1300-0140, CWV5-1300-0145, CWV5-1300-0150, Dual-Con Series, Dual-Con, Greenstone CVFP-2000-35S, Greenstone VCCD-2000-5S, Greenstone VCDP-1500-10S, Greenstone VCDP-1500-15S, Greenstone VCDP-1500-7.5S, Greenstone VCDP-2300-10S, Greenstone VCDP-2300-15S, Greenstone VCDP-2300-7.5S, Greenstone VCEP-2000-10S, Greenstone VCEP-2000-15S, Greenstone VCFP-1500-30S, Greenstone VCFP-1500-35S, Greenstone VCFP-1500-40D2975, Greenstone VCFP-1500-40S, HAMi-Con, Hiper-Con, ITT Jennings C/UCSXF-1500-12S, ITT Jennings C/UCSXF-2000-12S, ITT Jennings CAV2-1500, ITT Jennings CAV2-1500-0025, ITT Jennings CAV2-1500-0030, ITT Jennings CAV2-1500-0035, ITT Jennings CAV2-1500-25, ITT Jennings CAV2-1500-25S, ITT Jennings CAV2-1500-30, ITT Jennings CAV2-1500-30S, ITT Jennings CAV2-1500-35, ITT Jennings CAV2-1500-35S, ITT Jennings CAV2-2000-0025, ITT Jennings CAV2-2000-0030, ITT Jennings CAV2-2000-0035, ITT Jennings CMV1-4000, ITT Jennings CMV1-4000-5, ITT Jennings CMV1-4000-5S, ITT Jennings CMV2-2000, ITT Jennings CMV2-2000-5, ITT Jennings CMV2-2000-5S, ITT Jennings CMV-4000-0005, ITT Jennings CSV4-1400-0003, ITT Jennings CSV4-1400-0203, ITT Jennings CVCD-1500, ITT Jennings CVCD-1500-3, ITT Jennings CVCD-1500-3S, ITT Jennings CVCD-1500-5, ITT Jennings CVCD-1500-5S, ITT Jennings CVCD-2000, ITT Jennings CVCD-2000-2S, ITT Jennings CVCD-2000-3, ITT Jennings CVCD-2000-3S, ITT Jennings CVCD-2000-5, ITT Jennings CVCD-2000-5S, ITT Jennings CVCD-3000-3, ITT Jennings CVCD-3000-3S, ITT Jennings CVCD-3000-5, ITT Jennings CVCD-3000-5D2376, ITT Jennings CVCD-3000-5S, ITT Jennings CVCJ-1500-0005, ITT Jennings CVDB-1500-10S, ITT Jennings CVDB-1500-15N225, ITT Jennings CVDB-1500-15S, ITT Jennings CVDB-1500-7.5S, ITT Jennings CVDP-1500, ITT Jennings CVDP-1500-10, ITT Jennings CVDP-1500-10S, ITT Jennings CVDP-1500-15, ITT Jennings CVDP-1500-15S, ITT Jennings CVDP-1500-7.5, ITT Jennings CVDP-1500-7.5S, ITT Jennings CVDP-2300, ITT Jennings CVDP-2300-10, ITT Jennings CVDP-2300-10S, ITT Jennings CVDP-2300-15, ITT Jennings CVDP-2300-15S, ITT Jennings CVDP-2300-7.5, ITT Jennings CVDP-2300-7.5S, ITT Jennings CVEC-4000-10N764, ITT Jennings CVEC-4000-10S, ITT Jennings CVED-5000, ITT Jennings CVED-5000-10, ITT Jennings CVED-5000-10S, ITT Jennings CVED-5000-15, ITT Jennings CVED-5000-15S, ITT Jennings CVED-5000-7.5, ITT Jennings CVED-5000-7.5S, ITT Jennings CVEP-1500, ITT Jennings CVEP-1500-10, ITT Jennings CVEP-1500-10S, ITT Jennings CVEP-1500-15, ITT Jennings CVEP-1500-15S, ITT Jennings CVEP-1500-20, ITT Jennings CVEP-1500-20N789, ITT Jennings CVEP-1500-20S, ITT Jennings CVEP-1500-7.5S, ITT Jennings CVEP-2000, ITT Jennings CVEP-2000-10, ITT Jennings CVEP-2000-10S, ITT Jennings CVEP-2000-15, ITT Jennings CVEP-2000-15S, ITT Jennings CVEP-2000-20S, ITT Jennings CVEP-2000-7.5S, ITT Jennings CVFM-1500-30S, ITT Jennings CVFM-1500-35S, ITT Jennings CVFM-1500-40S, ITT Jennings CVFP-1500, ITT Jennings CVFP-1500-30, ITT Jennings CVFP-1500-30S, ITT Jennings CVFP-1500-35, ITT Jennings CVFP-1500-35S, ITT Jennings CVFP-1500-40D2975, ITT Jennings CVFP-1500-40S, ITT Jennings CVFP-1500-40SC, ITT Jennings CVFP-2000, ITT Jennings CVFP-2000-25, ITT Jennings CVFP-2000-25S, ITT Jennings CVFP-2000-30, ITT Jennings CVFP-2000-30S, ITT Jennings CVFP-2000-35, ITT Jennings CVFP-2000-35S, ITT Jennings CVHC-1200, ITT Jennings CVHC-1200-45, ITT Jennings CVHC-1200-45S, ITT Jennings CVHC-1600, ITT Jennings CVHC-1600-30, ITT Jennings CVHC-1600-30S, ITT Jennings CVHC-1600-35, ITT Jennings CVHC-1600-35S, ITT Jennings CVHC-1600-40, ITT Jennings CVHC-1600-40A, ITT Jennings CVHC-1600-40S, ITT Jennings CWV1-1600, ITT Jennings CWV1-1600-0055, ITT Jennings CWV1-1600-0060, ITT Jennings CWV1-1600-0065, ITT Jennings CWV1-1600-55, ITT Jennings CWV1-1600-55S, ITT Jennings CWV1-1600-60, ITT Jennings 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Additional information

Weight 23 oz
Dimensions 8.17 x 8.17 x 11.55 in


Min Capacitance

Max Capacitance


3 KV

Current Rating

45 Amps

Shaft Diameter

1/4" OD Shaft


Removed from equipment, Checked, and Guaranteed

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