1 GHz Low-Pass Filters (locking), General Radio Part #: 874-F1000L


1 GHz Low-Pass Filters (locking)

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Recommended for use in emmittance- or voltage-measuring systems to reduce harmonics, and especially in systems that contain nonlinear elements or sections that might resonate at a harmonic. Also useful in slotted-line measurements. Uses Chebyshev-type filters that produce a very steep cutoff characteristic at the expense of passband flatness. Spurious responses in the stopband are very small. 50 OHM impedance, locking GR-874 connector. Sourced from military surplus lots.

General Radio Part #: 874-F1000L

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Shipping Weight 6.90 oz
Shipping Dimensions 7.13 × 1.01 × 1.01 in

General Radio

Cut-Off Frequency

1 GHz

Connection Type

Connection Type 2



50 OHM


Used, Surplus


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