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About Our Company 

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. carries a complete line of fiberglass, including fiberglass solid rod, round tube, and square tube. Our line is especially suited for the needs of ultralight and powered parachute enthusiasts! If you are looking for large diameter solid rod for practically indestructible landing gear, "spring rods", or other applications requiring resilience as well as high strength to weight ratios, we have what you need.

Many of our round and square tubes are designed to "sleeve" inside adjacent sizes, allowing the designer to accomplish double, triple, or even quad wall thicknesses where needed for strength. (See our sleeving and reinforcement guide). We stock all products in 8 foot lengths, and a few in 4 foot lengths. The 8 footers allow economical shipping by UPS... (a great savings over motor freight minimums!)

We have sold to aircraft manufacturers (and many other industries....we are the largest supplier of fiberglass for antenna manufacturing in the world) for many years. We also sell direct to the consumer at VERY reasonable prices in as little as one piece quantity! Hours are 8am to 8pm Eastern time, Monday - Saturday.

We sell both retail and wholesale, any quantity... one piece or a truckload!

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover accepted!

Fiberglass Products
Max-Gain Systems, Inc. stocks a wide variety of fiberglass, ideal for retrofits or repair, the home builder/experimenter, as well as the manufacturer. We typically have large inventories of all items in stock and available for immediate shipment. Click on FIBERGLASS PRICE LIST to see our retail price list. 

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. is a wholesale supplier of fiberglass tube and rod to many of the well known names in ultralight manufacturing. Manufacturers / OEM's qualify for our wholesale (direct factory ship) program at great savings! We stock a wide array of sizes, and our wholesale/OEM customers need not commit to mill-run quantities to enjoy our wholesale pricing structure. Custom cutting is also available on factory direct shipments at minimal charge or free in many cases. Our contacts and relationships allow us to provide superior product at lower cost than a single commercial user dealing direct with a single factory. Let us quote on your needs!

We can research and locate fiberglass products needed for your manufacturing, and in many cases suggest alternate or lower cost solutions. Quantities for wholesale price breaks can be surprisingly small, and custom colors and lengths are possible as well. Inquire by email or call/fax today!

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. carries the entire range of Bristol Wrench Company spline products! Ours are GENUINE US made Bristol Wrench products, absolutely the highest quality available, and not cheap import copies.

Bristol spline wrenches, (sometimes erroneously called "Bristo" wrenches) are used in a wide variety of fields, including radio/communications, avionics, astronomy, refrigeration, engraving/printing, and construction/farm equipment.

We sell a variety of spline "L" key kits, including the #SS-508, designed for radio/communications hobby use. Custom kits are also available in quantity for your particular industrial need. Visit our spline "L" key page.

We sell the entire line of Bristol spline screwdriver handles and straight bits (both in standard and optional longer lengths) favored by avionics shops, military, and other professional service technicians in many industries. For volume users, we sell many items in boxes of 100. Discounts and/or free shipping are available with increasing volume. For a complete product listing and numerous descriptions, visit our Bristol Wrench Company spline products page.


Foreign Orders
We do accept foreign orders. Foreign customers pay any applicable tariffs or duties, and must furnish shipping instructions. We will package and obtain exact shipping costs based on your preferred shipping method, and will provide an order total which must be prepaid before we ship. When specifying shipping instructions, please remember that our packages are usually 8 feet (96 inches) long!  











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