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Photos Related to RV Recreational Vehicle and Flagpole Uses

One of our users has made an excellent YouTube video, illustrating components and partial assembly of one of our mast systems.  Check out this video for good ideas and illustrations of the ease of preparation!

These photos show how easy it is to use either our MK-4 or the MK-6 (shown here) masts on your RV to support flags, banners, or small antennas. The MK-8 would definitely require guying.   This user mounted his MK-6 with an accessory called the “flagpole buddy”. We do not sell these mounts, but a link to the seller's website is included in the text of a testimonial email we received from the RV owner. CLICK HERE  to read his comments, and to access the flagpole buddy link.

This user, radio amateur K4TQR, has designed a nice under-chassis carrying system for the mast, and shares some photos of his antenna mounting setup, also using parts from this website:

Following two photos were sent to us by Marty, K8MV.

Marty says: Pictures of MK-6_HD with 150 foot dipole fed with open line. On back of my 40' motor home. Withstood 50 MPH winds in Benson, AZ this year. Put a plate on a piece of tubing that fits into the hitch on the motor home, u-bolted the mast to it. Pretty simple!

These shots illustrate a very beautiful and creative lighted flagpole by one of our users, Greg, K6SRO.

Greg's comments include the following:

“Here is another set of photos, taken at the Jackson Rancheria RV Park in Jackson, California

cid:9F9964D28FE1492CBA787EC5E2DCD74F@radiodadPCI now use my 32 foot MGS mast as a very tall flagpole. At night I use a 20 Watt 12 volt DC outdoor spotlight to illuminate the flag all night long, and also added a 12 volt red "warning" light at the very top.

The 12 volt conducting line runs up the center of the master, and stows inside when I lower it. I get all sorts of nice comments and questions about where I got the mast. I just tell them look-up

MGS Mast" on Google.”

Greg also wrote: 

“One guy came by, there were several RV's/trailers with American flags up on the "fishing pole" type poles, some telescoping but they can't get very high as they bend too much, and he said to me, "Gosh, I thought I had the highest flagpole around, where'd you get that?". I told him. The more flags flying high the better. I see more lately than ever. One night at Doran Beach Camp on the coast near Santa Rosa, CA, a guy came by with tears in eyes literally, and thanked me for flying that flag lit up at night. He said it was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. He was a vet. That made it all worthwhile.

You make a fine product. I do hope to order another shortly, I just have to figure out which one.”

NOTE!  We understand that in response to many requests by owners of our “HD” (heavy duty) masts, which have 2.5” OD bottom sections instead of the 2” OD bottom sections as on our standard duty masts, that the “Flagpole Buddy” manufacturer     is considering making a new, larger size version (2.5 inch) of their product to accommodate our HD mast line!

Watch their website, or better yet, ASK THEM … it may be available!

Another user sent us this photo of yet another possible mount for our masts, (also making use of the “Flagpole Buddy” mounting system) on the side of a fence line.


Another user sent us these nice shots showing a dual use… as a flag pole AND a “stealth” antenna support! Ideal for many “antenna restricted” communities!

His comments:

Hi. I just finished putting up a MK-4 HD Extend mast. It is a flag pole and just below the flag is the balun for my 40 meter New Carolina Windom ham antenna. I painted the clamps with Krylon Fusion spray paint for plastic using the flat #2423 "Satin River Rock" color. It is almost a perfect match for the mast. (NOTE: while painting the clamps is fine, do not paint the fiberglass on our push-up masts.)  I also painted the black balun to match. The base is a piece of 4 foot  2 1/2 inch inside diameter of PVC electric conduit that I picked up at the local Habitat for Humanity Restore Store. Of course I painted it as well. I dug a 2 foot deep hole with a post hole digger and used a bag of quick setting concrete. I put a bolt through the PVC at ground level to keep the large 2 1/2 inch section of mast from going all the way down.  Thank you for such a nice product. Enclosed are pictures.

Tom Birt N7VTS

Hop Hays, K4TQR, and avid RV'er, shares these photos of some of our masts used with portable tripods he originally obtained from Long's Electronics. The tripods look similar to a version currently sold by MFJ Enterprises. Hop says “Works great!”

This photo from customer Sandy Snowbarger shows an interesting mounting method for an MK-4 series mast on back of his car, appropriate for antenna support or flagpole (or both) use.


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