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1/8 inch (3.5 mm) Connectors and Adapters

This page has everything 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) , from connectors and adapters to coax jumpers and surplus.

After looking at this page dedicated to our 1/8 inch (3.5mm), BE CERTAIN to visit our main RF connector and adapter page, here: Our main page has hundreds of hard to find types and combinations, including adapters for reverse polarity, GPS, and Wi-fi applications! Again, all top quality, and lowest prices!



1/8 inch (3.5 mm)

1/8 inch Male 1/8 inch Plug Three Conductor 3.5 mm Male 3.5 mm Plug Ipod audio male Ipod audio plug iphone 3 audio male iphone 3 audio plug iphone 3S audio male iphone 3S audio plug iphone 4 audio male iphone 4 audio plug iphone 4S audio male iphone 4S audio plug iphone 5 audio male iphone 5 audio plug
1/8 inch (3.5 mm) Male (Plug)

1/8 inch Female 1/8 inch Jack Three Conductor 3.5 mm Female 3.5 mm Jack Ipod audio female Ipod audio jack iphone 3 audio female iphone 3 audio jack iphone 3S audio female iphone 3S audio jack iphone 4 audio female iphone 4 audio jack iphone 4S audio female iphone 4S audio jack iphone 5 audio female iphone 5 audio jack
1/8 inch (3.5 mm) Female (Jack)
The above pictures are from our " Connector and Adapter Identification Page ."
We have compiled a comprehensive list of the most commonly encountered types with
detailed pictures, descriptions, and links to help you find the one you are looking for.


1/8 inch (3.5 mm) Male

3.5 MM male / BNC female
Stock No. 7075
$4.00 each
3.5 MM male / F female
Stock No. 7254
$2.00 each

3.5 MM male / UHF female
Stock No. 7524
$3.00 each


3.5 MM male / RCA female
Stock No. 7707
$2.00 each



To order, use our secure online order form , or call us Monday through Friday 7 AM - 4 PM Eastern time at 770-973-6251 . You may also print the order form using your browser's print button and fax your order to us at 815-461-7730 .


We normally ship connector and  adapter orders via priority post flat-rate boxes, as the cheapest / best method for USA domestic shipments. We can ship anything that will fit (even the small flat-rate box can fit over 100 PL-259 connectors!) for a very low flat rate postage charge plus a flat rate packing charge of $2.00 per order.  We supply delivery confirmation on Priority Mail shipments at no extra charge. We also ship via FedEx ground, and $100 in insurance (and tracking) is provided at no extra charge. FedEx ground is usually best option on heavier shipments. (If you have a shipping preference, just let us know. ) We will be happy to quote shipping cost before shipping your order if you request.  International customers inquire for shipping options and quotes.

Duties, customs charges, VAT, and / or  brokerages fees , (if any might apply for your country) are impossible for the shipper to determine, and are ALWAYS the responsibility of the purchaser. International customers agree to pay any and all additional charges that may be billed to cover these items.

































Our customers have told us that the following terms have legitimately helped them find us, and the products that we index and sell on this page. If you have an idea of another term you were looking for where that need would be legitimately satisfied by goods indexed or found on this page only, please let us know.     Please be very selective in suggesting additional terms for this section. We want potential customers to be able to quickly and easily find us, but under no circumstances do we want to “spam” anyone with unrelated search results!


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